Decision time for Kyree Walker?

A tweet from Kyree seems to imply that. Keeping my fingers crossed. Muss and Hogs really need this break.

Just keeping it real.

But I would be stunned, stunned, stunned if he decides to reclassify and commits to a school whose campus he has never stepped foot on.

He could reclassify, then visit

Waiting this long for any decision, does make you wonder if he’s waiting for final summer school grades and/or NCAA approval on reclassifying. hmmmmm. I’ll not be holding my breath though.

I tend to agree with Dudley (I know shocking) on this, both HS and College has started. There have been rumors for a few months China has offered him 7 figures for a year, plus a shoe deal. Also, Hillcrest said he would play for them this year.

If he’s not enrolled, I’m guessing China. If he reclasses, my guess is Arizona.

How often does a kid reclassify and enroll in college this late in the process?

I’ve never heard of it before, that’s why I think China, or he stays in school (which Hillcrest said about 3 weeks ago).

I saw the tweet in question. Implies he’s going to do something, but that could be China.

I should’ve known China was a possibility when he answered a question in Chinese at the Dallas Adidas event back in the spring.

RD/Dudley, I just saw his age (I assumed he was same age as Moore, Moody, and others). If he returns to Hillcrest, would he be on track to graduate in Dec?

Well, if he has been thinking about reclassifying now, you can’t do that without the requirements so one would think the same would hold true for Dec.

Told Walker will stay in the 20 class and play at Hillcrest.

Good news or bad news for AR?

My opinion great for the kid. Saw a report yesterday that his mom’s medical issue affected his play and caused his stock to drop. Since she is now better, I’d assume his stock goes back up.

Only time will tell. I think this season will help or hurt Arkansas’ chances.

I think who else commits to us will play a role in his decision. Keep in mind his AAU mate signed with Arizona, which seems to be a landing spot for 5 *s in that part of the country.

I’m more positive than PJ and think he sees how we do this year before he decides. He’s kinda hard to figure right now. Of course I’m not a typical fan. I’m not of the opinion a new coach has to perform a miraculous turn around in his first year. Muss is working hard and I believe the results will show.

I’d say chances are very high that Miller will be jobless & Arizona will be on probation by next spring. Good reason to wait on making that decision.

I agree, but certain posters are going to rip you for this one. They’re convinced the NCAA doesn’t punish anyone for anything.

Hoping you are right on this. Need this,