Decision is made, the man is on board, he checks a lot of very big boxes of Ark needs --------------------

-------------- in their head football coach. He is a great leader of men, a great recruiter, and he has great contacts in the coaching profession. He will bring together coordinators, coaches, recruiters, and men who want to be at Arkansas with him. His former players are ecstatic and we fans now need to be as well.

We all need to forget about coaches we would have preferred and support the one we have. We need to help him be successful, not predict his failure, or try to attack him like you can’t wait to have an “I told you so” moment as soon as possible in the future. If you are doubtful or concerned fine. Just let those dogs lie for now, wait and see if you can be pleasantly surprised someday soon, and give the man and team as much support as you can. JMVVVVVHO


What he said…

Totally agree!


Right on, right on

Amen! WPS

Agreed WPS

Very well said. Agree completely, and the ‘Big Uglies’ are happy.

Hogmodo I totally agree. This is type of man I want as coach of the football Hogs. I want the Hogs wo win. As we all do. Pittman knows that. But I also want the Hogs to make me proud.
And sometimes that’s not absolutely congruent with winning.

A team can win, and still not make their fans proud (note to Ole Miss).
A team can lose, and still make their team very proud. The loss may hurt…but still leave you proud of your team,
The Head Coach represents more than just W’s and L’s. He needs the W’s. No doubt. But there is more to coaching and life than strictly winning. Win the right way. Lose with fight. Act like you have some INTEGRITY.

Hard nose, passionate football…regardless of the precise schemes that are run…is about to return to the Hill.



Arkansas Razorback football is due for some great things to happen. It has been an incredibly bleak time these past 6-8 years. Coach Pittman is a pretty risky hire, but given where we were in the coaching search, I thnk it was a wise choice. I will support my Hogs and the coach.

If he can make our team physical and play with a desire to win, that will be enough for me this first year. We have to make people not want to play us because of our toughness and competitiveness. We have lost that over the years. That is what Arkansas football was built on.

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