Decision from Bumper Pool on 2022 is coming soon

Either way, I hope it’s the best decision for him.

He sure loves being a Razorback, but it’s hard to see how he could do much more next year. Bumper could add some muscle to his frame that might shoot him up the boards after the '22 season.

Where is he projected to go in the draft? I haven’t seen much about him in the discussions.

He’s projected as an undrafted free agent everywhere I can find.

He could be the school’s all-time leading tackler.

I was talking about his standing in the NFL draft between now and next year… he would certainly be a super star in the eyes of Hog football breaking the record. When you make 120 plus tackles, that is a high bar to jump.

His NFL prospects aren’t great, he’s a classic tweener. Barring an injury he easily breaks the all time tackles record, as notorious alluded to. Think he’s only like 40 something short.

As of a week ago he was coming back, don’t know of anything that has changed. I will say this, if he doesn’t come back he’s going to have a very upset girlfriend!

Pool would have to set the school record for tackles in a season (currently 174 by Wayne Harris) to break the career tackle record (408, Tony Bua). He has 225 now. Another 125 tackle year would only put him 9th on the career list.

ESPN has him with 349 career tackles.

OK. There were 224 before this year, 349 now. He could beat Bua then. But he isn’t beating John Offerdahl, the FBS record holder (649 career tackles); somebody was putting out that nonsense that he could set a national record. Nobody has (officially) ever had 200 tackles in a season, much less 300. Mike Singletary had 232 tackles for Bayluh in 1978 but the NCAA wasn’t keeping that kind of record then, and that’s still way short of 300.

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I think it was Clay’s article, but it indicated he’s about 70 shy of Bua.

From Clay’s article (looks like he needs 60 to pass him):

Pool, although starting only once, led the team with 125 tackles this season. That gives him 349 for his career for the No. 8 spot at Arkansas.

Tony Bua (408), Jerry Franklin (382), Ken Hamlin (381), Sam Olajubutu (372), De’Jon Harris (371), Caleb Miller (368), Cliff Powell (367) and Ronnie Caveness (357) will be passed if Pool stays healthy.

Yes, he’s at 349 now.

So, 60 it is to break Bua’s record. If he stays mostly healthy he will take over as the Hog’s all-time record holder for tackles by a LB. The Hogs need you to lead a young class of LB’s, Bumper, so re-up and fire them up and help us to crack that ten win sign-post.

Yep, the site I looked at for Pool originally had not been updated with his 2021 totals. But whoever suggested he might set a national record (and I saw that somewhere) is way off base. The FBS record is well over 600.

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