Decision coming from Mason Jones

I’ll respect this mans decision either way.

This IS his life.
No U of A fan has a right to say you MUST stay or go just because of an interest in great things he can do for a team they cheer for. Life goes on. IIWII. Other players next year will do some great things out of a desire to improve their player attributes and maybe go pro later. Every year is completely different in so many ways.

If Mason stays we’ll have a much better team next season. So, his stats would likely go down.
So, I think he’ll move on, now.

Most likely will move on. Nobody except him knows. But hope he is not sent to the Italian or overseas BB teams to get experience because they may not have a season. Too much uncertainties now. Has he chosen an agent? There would be timeframes that are in place but I am not an authority on those things.

As with all of our fans, hope to see Mason playing for the Hogs next year but understand if he chooses to go pro or another league in hopes of NBA. Another great year at Arkansas with development under Coach Muss would solidify his value in the NBA draft.

I don’t know if Mason or Isaiah read this board, but if they do, please stay. The NBA is going to be in flux the rest of the summer, and it will no doubt impact the draft. We have a chance to be truly special next year, and Mase and Zay could be the leaders of the next great Razorback team. They both improved exponentially under Muss, especially Mason. Please come back guys. Muss can make you even better! There is a lot of unfinished business and a ton of Razorback fans who absolutely hunger to be great again.


One thing for sure Mason’s story is one we may never see again. From being a little fat kid that could hardly make his High School team to being a HMAA in three years…Not may will do that.

Well said Labb. And his story has a few more good chapters I’m sure. Whatever he chooses from this point.

It is quite a story.

It seems Mason in high school and Mason after high school are two different persons. Both can be said to be equally surprising.

It is surprising how demotivated Mason was in high school, having a Duke McDonalds All-American Matt as a brother and a five star PG, a A&M star, Jordan as a sister living at the house. It is almost like a son who will do anything to not be in the business his father is in.

Then it is equally surprising how motivated he was once he left high school. His future is now brighter than what Matt and Jordan accomplished after college.

Complete opposites for sure.

Regardless what MJ or Joe do with the draft, they have done a great service to the program in many regards but one that is high profile. They prove the offense Muss runs will let talent seek its own level and pure freedom on shooting decisions.

His offensive scoring stats would only dip slightly because he WOULD NOT face a double/tripple team with 4 other serious Offensive threats.

No longer feeling of urgency of having to put the TEAM on your back will help decrease Turnovers allowing him to score within a Offensive set instead of having to create/force a opening. (This applies to Isaiah Joe as well)

C - Conner Vanover
PF - Jaylin Williams ( or Grad Transfer)
SF - Moses Moody
SG - Isaiah Joe
PG - Mason Jones


C - Abayomi Iyiola
PF - Reggie Chaney (Or Grad Transfer)
SF - Devonte Davis
SG - KK Robinson (will overtake Sills by Conference play)
PG - J.D. Notae (will start occasionally)

Transfer Portal: Ethan Henderson & Jalen Harris

Probably true, kinda like DMac or Sidney… I haven’t seen another DMac in 40 years of watching the Hogs carefully…a generation, and seems like a lifetime.

Kudos to Mason’s commitment and transformation. Special.

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