Debut '40 Minutes of Tell' podcast episode

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Good stuff! I think Gafford is on the All-SEC newcomer team this year. I am so high on him. I’m thinking 8 pts, 7 rbs and 2-3 blks a game.

It’s great to hear people talk Razorback Sports again. Especially when you’re 1,100 miles away #WPS

Awesome. Loved it

Great podcast.

Nice! Please keep those coming, we need more stuff like this for basketball.

I think he’ll definitely be on it. I was thoroughly impressed today. He is still raw and isn’t going to create his own offense via post-ups or facing up that often/at all at this point, but he can absolutely impact the game on both ends with his size and athleticism.

Terrific stuff! Thanks JC and Dudley for your info, comments and insight! I’m pumped about these hogs!!

Hard not to be excited about basketball after listening to that. Should be a very fun team to watch.

What’s wrong with my hookup? I can hear Jimmy and Matt clearly but can’t hear a word of Dudley’s commentary.

Don, I’m not on this podcast. Maybe you’re hearing Dudley and thinking it’s me?

I was listening through headphones via cellphone and both mic’s sounds were separated Dudley coming through the Left Speaker (headphone) & Jimmy the right Speaker (headphone)…felt as if I was sitting directly in-between them.

There is a setting I can tweak in post production that’ll make it to where both of us are heard through the same speaker/headphone. Planning to do that.

Lots of interesting nuggets and observations from the hosts. Well worth a listen.