Deatrich Wise talks about his all-star game performance … rformance/

Good stuff Matt. Deatrch Wise having a down year was one of the major reasons this defense did not perform at the level predicted. He could have been a difference maker, but was not. Ultimately, he just didn’t have the strength in his hand and shoulder because of the injuries. It was tough on him and tough on everyone around him. It was clear in the spring that he would probably require double team blocking to handle his pass rush. That was not the case this season. I didn’t see any times where an extra blocker (back or tight end) was needed to protect from his pressure. I know it was tough on him. A linemen with a broken hand is not going to be able to have the strength to get a blocker off of him.

In the East-Shrine game, Deatrich looked like the player I saw in the spring and the last half of the 2015 season. I hope he’s headed in the right direction and can test well in the combine. What he does in lifts will show if he’s got his strength back. If that’s the case, I bet he jumps in the draft and is in the second or third round.

I’m pulling for Deatrich. He’s a great person, a quality individual. He’s loved by his teammates. They all speak highly of Deatrich. My times with him have always been good. When he speaks, he’s honest and straight forward and engages. I want him to do well at the next level and think that’s possible.