Death Valley in the morning

Arkansas will play its first ever morning game in Baton Rouge - an 11 a.m. kickoff on ESPN.

This is the first time LSU has had a morning kickoff at home since 2011 and only the 12th time since 1969.

If you have to play in Death Valley, 11 AM is the best time.

The Cajuns will just have to continue their Friday night party all night and into the morning. Or show up with a massive hangover.

Just like with the timing of the Ole Miss kickoff, a slight positive for the Hogs. A much bigger positive is of course that they will have just played Bama the previous Saturday night.

We will still be a double digit underdog, but stranger things have happened.

True, but don’t hold your breath.

I don’t expect us to win down there, but I’m not sure how good LSU is. They’re undoubtedly talented, but they’ve been beaten badly by MSU & lost to Troy. It’s true they beat Auburn & Fla, but I’m not sure how much to read into either win. So, I’m still holding out some hope. If Alabama pops them hard, we might catch them down. Austin Allen should be healthy by then—if he’s going to healthy at all this season. We’re still thin in the O-line & basically less talented than LSU, but as he said, “stranger things have happened.”

We catch em early after Bama beats them down this Saturday.

CBB gets that 5th win

The early start is huge advantage for the hogs! Maybe their fan base shows up at halftime.
It wasn’t long ago the hogs beat LSU and keep them out of Atlanta. Stranger things have happened but I would bet on it.

The only chance we have of winning this game will be with Cole Kelly at QB. AA=tiger bait. They will eat him alive.

Guice will run for as many yards as he wants to


For AR to have a chance, we must keep Cole Kelley at QB position. He is bigger, stronger, taller, can see the field better, and can get short yards for first downs. He has learned a lot about protecting the ball and getting rid of it sooner. He is our QB now and in the future.

Big break for the Hogs… I’ve been to both day and night Games there. No comparison in terms of the atmosphere.

I love the smell of corn dogs in the morning. The smell of bourbon at night terrifies me.

I am puzzled by one comment in this thread: Cole Kelley has learned a lot about protecting the ball. He’s been given some coaching and had some lessons on what not to do, but he still had a turnover against Ole Miss that could have been devastating. He will be a fine QB at some point, but he’s still learning. Would I play him over a healthy Austin Allen? No. I suspect if Austin is 100 percent and had a good week of practice ahead of LSU, he’ll get the start.

I’m sure Cole Kelley is looking forward to a return to his home state to play against the Tigers, but if Austin Allen is healthy and ready, it might be best for CK to start on the sidelines and then work him into the game at a strategic time.

I would be worried about CK being too amped up to play LSU, so I agree with Clay it is better if AA is healthy to start. I would definitely play CK a bunch to protect AA and build up CK.

The bigger issue will be any progress the Oline can make this week and the week before LSU.

I am also puzzled by any comment that insinuates Cole is a better QB than AA. At this point in his career. That’s not what I see at all. Yes, he is bigger and stronger and can stand in there. And he’s a better runner. But Cole misses lots and lots of open receivers. Our passing game was really watered down for him. Austin is still better by a good margin. Its not really close. I think people have forgotten how good Austin really is.

AA should be a better QB at this stage in the two guys’ careers.

However, AA has only played well when things went well since last year’s Missouri game. He has not shown any resiliency or ability to overcome in a meaningful game since that time, and his demeanor on the sidelines when adversity has struck has been pretty lousy. That’s been a real disappointment, especially given some of the stuff he overcame during the first two thirds of the 2016 season.

CK on the other hand, has made lots of mistakes as he learns on the job, and he will keep making youthful mistakes going forward. But he keeps coming, never shows any lack of confidence in himself or his teammates, and is always trying to find a way to win. That attitude paid off against Ole Miss, and it bodes very well for the future. Your teammates notice that, both on offense and defense, and it helps them keep striving when things are going wrong. And now they’ve all seen him do it. And the guy has a lot of physical talent.

I really believe something mentally broke in that Missouri game, both with AA and a lot of his teammates. They seemed to lose the belief that they can overcome setbacks to win.

Maybe some time on the shelf is just what AA needed to clear his head and get back to what he showed during most of the 2016 season. Maybe he now also realizes that he if does not perform, there is a guy available who is certainly going to inspire belief with his teammates, who plays with confidence and joy for the game, and who was the QB for last week’s comeback from the dead.

I hope AA finishes up strong, and it would not surprise me in the least if he plays very well when he comes back. But right now I think he’s got to prove he is the better QB when he gets the chance, it’s no longer a given.