Death Penalty!

Now you can’t tell me OM should have the #28 ranked class when they have a bowl ban for the 2018 season!

Give them a little time and they will really stink! You can take recruiting rankings with a grain of salt! Heck they may still paying.
But one thing for sure this current class won’t be affected much by a bowl ban. By the way have all the penalities been handed down?

yes, and they are appealing!.. PUH-LEEEEEEEZE!!!

I saw the other day that Ole Miss underclassmen who are transferring, including Shea Patterson, have included in their appeal for immediate eligibility to the NCAA the fact that Bucky and his minions (lying out their teeth) assured them that the NCAA investigation was nothing and would not result in significant penalties. Suspect the truth is still being shredded in Oxbarn in a similar fashion.

YES, I think it could set the stage for immediate eligibility for ALL players going forward.

Now now. We can actually rise from that tomorrow. We’re adding Strong at RB and Tank Jenkins the OL from Alabama Wednesday and are still in the running for Tommy Bush from TX after getting Miles Battle yesterday. Jacob Peeler is an excellent WR coach for recruiting and our program has put numerous wideouts in the pros with three more in the next two years. Plus most are thinking the bowl ban will be lifted. Even if it’s not, most kids, especially frosh don’t sign to sit as a redshirt at a bowl. Plus scholarships are the blood of the program. We didn’t get hit bad there, and have been adjusting for 2 cycles the amount of signees already.