Dear Hunter Yurachek

Dear AD,

The decision regarding HC for MBKB is on you and we are watching very closely with our checkbooks nearby.

More than a few thousand fans have lost confidence. You are easily intelligent enough to know that is your revenue stream. We know you are keeping your eye on the attendance.

Can you financially justify keeping HC for MBKB at the expense of fans who are not remotely satisfied with the product. As you know, without a miraculous recovery this season, season tickets will take a big hit next year.

In all business endeavors, we know you have access to the funds to make a personnel change. Business 101.

Might not be a good time to raise ticket prices in any sport, just FYI the fans are not happy. And we understand JLong put you in a VERY tough situation regarding the North End Zone funding and former coach’s buyouts. We understand.

Do you think HC for MBKB can right the ship with recruiting and/or coaching next year? If so, what would lead you to draw that conclusion? If not, the change needs to be made now. If you choose to keep HC for MBKB, will you mandate that HC hire as assistant coach who will ne allowed to actually coach fundamentals (i,e, rebounding) and execution on the half court? If a move is made on the staff, please do not make it a window dressing move to satisfy the fans and make sure it has substance.

These are all fair questions and the client (the Hog fans) deserves answers. Better keep the few remaining fans on the bandwagon.

If you choose to keep HC for MBKB, you need to carefully address the fans. You have shown good honest people skills up to this point. We appreciate and expect more of the same. We did not get that from JLong and we know it.

If you choose to keep the HC for MBKB be exceptionally careful regarding how you choose to handle a contract extension.



Let’s be real. Neither you nor me matter which is why we are on this message board. If you did. You wouldn’t need to post this here. You’d be having dinner with him. So irrelevant.

Maybe true. Might consider checking my posts on JLong and CBB. Just something to consider.

I called that play chuck.

Go ahead and shoot this over to .

Ha. Y’all email. Cute.


When Rockerfellow posted about CBB he was gone pretty quick. And he hasn’t posted. That’s the one I would trust.