DeAndre Coley

I think he has worked his way into a key player on this defense. He was all over the field with the backups during the outside portion of the scrimmage, then moved up to practice with the ones. He can play either safety spot.

I charted him with 8.5 tackles, 2 tackles for loss and an interception today.

He’s not afraid to come up and tackle. If Rhoads has improved his coverage skills, then he definitely will rotate in some. I remember a couple of years ago against OM when it was garbage time and they were happy to run it, and the clock out, Coley made nearly every tackle. He shown some flash since then, but it appears he’s showing more.

Was indeed as good as I have ever seen him play in a scrimmage since he has been here.

Maybe the light has truly come on and he is ready to be a significant contributor on defense this season