De’vion Warren was a HS QB....

imagine him at QB in Gus offense. … arren-2017 … 15d4f4e04c

A little guy like Warren will have a short, exciting tenure as a QB in that offense. His QBs tend to take a lot of hits running the ball, and Warren, while a dynamic player, is just not big enough to survive that kind of pounding. I think at West Monroe he was at QB because he was an elite level athlete at that level, and they wanted the ball in his hands as much as possible. You could have him run some wildcat or special packages, but setting aside whether he can throw well enough to be a good college QB, I just don’t think he could stand the pounding.

Warren can sure enough run and it appeared from the video that he could pass. 5’10" is considered short, but Doug Flutie was listed at 5’10" and likely was closer to 5’9". I’m certain Warren is double tough; but, since momentum is conserved, I hate the though of him taking many hit by much bigger linebackers and defensive linemen. However, if he is alert and quick enough to avoid direct hits, he might be an effective and exciting QB.

Lots of ex-QBs scattered around on this Arkansas team. De’Jon Harris was a QB, too.

I am not saying Warren is the next QB. But if Gus does come, you can bet Dev’ion will get snaps at QB. Maybe not as the full-time QB. But definitely some “wildhog” snaps. I have never seen him throw. May have to look at some old HS youtube videos.

Yeah he probably is to small to do it full-time, but he throws it well enough to keep’em honest. On the 2nd link of my original post there is a highlight where he rolls right and throws it almost 50 yards.

In terms of dynamic runners I think he is the best on the team to include Hammonds and Hayden.

How about a prospect named Bohannon. Gus’ offense is designed for a player like him.

Mercy. This is gonna be gross. I don’t think I can take it.

You might need a few personal days or another self-imposed sabbatical.

The problem with the offense we run is that you need a Tom Brady to run the thing. We need a qb that can run!

Not sure why that is brought up so much. But, whatever. Cool.

I stepped away last year bc MA was getting unfairly slammed nonstop and I felt like he had a good team and was/is building the program well.

Real crazy stuff, there. Makes me such a joke.