DE plan? Insiders?

Loving the D Line haul we have going in recruiting. We have 6 DE’s? Is there a plan to maybe move one or two either inside or to LB? Soli to LB maybe?

Or we could join the rest of the SEC and have actual depth at the DL.

I would imagine that’s the plan. Depth with talent.

We end up playing a 4-2-5 a lot of the time against spread teams, so the traditional 3-4 OLB or even a 4-3 OLB is really a situational position. If you do have a third LB out there it usually is some kind of hybrid DB/OLB who is faster and lighter than the two LBs who are on the field most of the time.

So I don’t think any of those guys would end be a true OLB, because the position just is not on the field these days on a regular basis. Certainly there could be situations where they are standing up at DE rather than putting a hand on the ground.

It’s nice to have choices for a change.

The depth will allow you to keep them fresh and a couple of injuries won’t disrupt the defense as much.
I’m hoping in time the hogs add depth at safety and DB as well. Having more speed and talent.
This recruiting class is a start. CCM is showing you can recruit at Arkansas.

I could see Gregory maybe going inside, but that all depends on his weight going forward. He does have the frame to add.

You never rule anything out, but I think Soli stays at DE. I’m sure the coaches will experiment with this bunch though.

Same thought occurred to me - a couple of these guys are = the typical size of Bama’s LB’s

The Chief will put the most talent on the field. No matter where he has to move them to make it work. :slight_smile: