DE Kendall Young

said he will announce his decision on Sunday.

Your thoughts?

I hear crickets from you RD after that last question from yesterday on this lol. Are you just lying in the weeds like a hungry hog ready to pounce with an answer when you feel it is the right time haha.

My guess is either Vanderbilt or Mizzou, though I am not anywhere close to an insider.

In talking with him, I’ve always thought he would end up here if there was a spot available.

I have heard nothing to indicate that there is not one available.

Hence, as of today and before I call him tonight, I’ll predict Arkansas at the moment.

Thanks brother!

Sorry, saw the question and meant to get back with you much earlier but I get easily sidetracked at times. Especially while working on getting all the commitment stats and doing the graphic for Friday.

I feel good about Kendall, but as always things change. But as of now, I feel good.

Trust me…I get it. Unfortunately I have “chase the squirrelitess” many times throughout my day lol!!! Thanks for getting back on it and glad to hear.

Better grab a seat at the table or you’ll be left outside

Since our DL seems pretty stacked and his 247 profile says OLB I wonder why they aren’t recruiting him as that.