DE Jordan Wright to


Wright of Ft Lauderdale Dillard officially visited Arkansas the first weekend of Dec.

That recruiting weekend was bizarre (if I read it correctly).

It SOUNDED like Johnson was dying to commit to UA but wasn’t able to. That is a “read between the lines” interpretation that may be very wrong. After following this for a long time you begin to get a feel for the verbiage coming from the recruits and this sounded like a “wanna commit, but UA won’t accept it yet”.

It SOUNDED like Wright was a heavy UA lean with only a late Miami offer capable of interfering. Then, within days, experts not named RD and Dudley suddenly quit connecting Wright to UA (some of the experts are not UA experts, btw). While RD and Dudley have earned my respect many times over, and I value their opinion far beyond others, I found it odd. Now, Wright to KY.

Edwards was thought to be “in the bag” and I had flashes of “private commit” dancing through my head. Then, Colorado? Who lost their DC the day before? That was strange also.

That leaves Turner, the Mizzou commit who visited that weekend. He has had less press than any and if it were in any other recruiting territory I’d write him off completely (I’ve learned to not dismiss Michael Smith’s recruiting savvy!).

So, when fans look at recruiting and see a need for another DE and DT is that really where we are going? Are there even names on a list for these spots beyond the two above? Are we going to see some late scrambling to fill one or both of these spots, or are we going to move on to DB where we have a few names, at least?

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I don’t remember saying or hearing anything about Melvin Johnson not being able to commit.

Wright said great things about Arkansas and nothing about Kentucky. I thought he would end up at Miami, Arkansas or one of his other nice schools on his list. Surprising.

Edwards - yep, that was a weird situation.

I don’t see Turner ending up here because of some comments he had privately to us after the visit

Obviously Richard has put up the name of Malik Young (6-3, 280) of Eastern Arizona and new know that are recruiting others.

I don’t know anything about the situation, just know that it has been mentioned that he is a very talented basketball player as well. This in my opinion points to why he went to Kentucky, may be gearing up for a walk on attempt to the BB team as well as FB.

I never thought Wright was a heavy lean towards Arkansas. I did think they had good shot at him because of Josh Williams and Randy Ramsey being from Dillard and his coach telling me he wasn’t locked into staying in-state. It was probably a week or so later when I started thinking otherwise.

As far as Turner, he’s like a lot of committed kids that aren’t big on talking until he makes a final decision. Come Dec. and Jan. kids in general are worn out by the process and interviews.

Thanks RD and Dudley.

Regarding Wright, I may be guilty of reading too much into commentary (or reading too much into comments by other fans who don’t know anything more than I know).