De’Jon Harris - “we were in position, we just didn’t make the stops”

Sounds like he thinks correct defenses were called but players didn’t make plays. Sounds like talent deficiency or position coaching deficiency. I think it’s a bit of both but think we just don’t have the talent on defense that you really need to make plays. Players make plays.

Or just youth and inexperience. Still isn’t an excuse to not make the play but we are laced with both on defense.

I did not notice that many missed tackles, I remember them running thru holes and around the corner untouched.

Razormac, you nailed it. On the Kentucky qb’s two touchdowns when he ran around their right end we were either lined up incorrectly or some one missed an assignment. He basically ran around end with none of our defenders playing containment. Agim was caught inside on both plays( He was lined up at defensive end) Easy score. How could that happen with two weeks to prepare? I sure have gotten tired of seeing us losing containment the last several years! Coaching?

I fully expected their WR/QB dude to run all over us. But him hitting that difficult pass for the TD was not expected.

To my fan eyes his passing form was not good but his results in the passing game was okay.

I didn’t understand why we didn’t decide to tackle # 1 on every play. We seemed to lose sight of the fact that he was the spark that was going to keep them going in the second half and fourth quarter in particular. And yes, that pass was amazing.

Well two answers:

Chad was asked that question and he said, “that’s what you saw the last 1.5 drives of KY” and it appeared to be somewhat successful.

De’Jon was asked that question and he said “we were in position, we just didn’t make the stop”, meaning the defensive players were in front of #1 and they just didn’t make the play. He basically said players didn’t make the plays.

Those interviews are viewable.

I saw the left side of the defense left wide open. That should never happen, but it certainly should never happens against a QB who is fast and elusive and who’s main weapon is his legs. You must contain. I cannot believe the guys were coached to leave the side open like that. Heck, they coach that in PeeWee flag football. Stay wide and force the play inside - Seems I heard that on my 6th grade touch team.