DE Eric Gregory flips to Hogs (quotes added)

Eric was the one I was expecting today.

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WPS !!! He was on my wish list !!!

Very impressed with the staff on this pick up. I also like how Memphis got one of our dline commits and we got one of theirs.

Thought he was a 3* not a 4*?

3 Star on 247. 4 Star on rivals

4 star on ESPN

Gotcha, lol can’t keep up!! Thx.

Wow, that wasn’t who I was thinking. Nice!

Seems to me we are gaining some momentum. And not with second choices. Everyday that goes by my initial opinion of CM is going up. Its early so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The fat lady could be singing by this weekend tho. Elmo is and will be quieter by the week.

Whatever man…say what you want. I’m glad for the team. Class is still almost last in the SEC, and CM is still the wrong coach.

This is a big pickup, and the class, as it gains numbers, is slowly moving up in the rankings. It’s hard to judge a coach on recruiting or anything else before he’s coached a game. Time will tell.

I’m still in the cautiously optomistic camp that gets more optomistic by the week. No way you know he’s the wrong coach just like i don’t know if he’s the right coach. But I do believe he’s pointing and trending toward the right coach.

I live about 15 minutes from the IMG campus. As previous articles have noted, Froholt and Reed also went there, as well as Embery on the basketball roster. Their basketball and football programs are very deep in talent, so if we can make inroads there, that is definitely a good thing. Getting Nash and Gregory are huge by themselves, but if they can open the door for others, even bigger.

Learn how recruiting works.

It’s very low rated because we have a very low amount of commits.

Average player rating is in a good spot, and likely to come up as the Hugh profileguys who hold out longer, commit.
Regardless of if god himself was the coach we still would likely never break into the top 4-5 in the SEC in recruiting, just not likely. Can it happen? Yes. Not after a 4 win season with a new coach.

We have a solid class so far with several high profile guys still likely to come.

You should take your blinders off and give the guy a chance. It’s really stupid to me, personally, not to.

I know how it works. And guess how it’s working right now? The composite average for our class so far is 87. In the SEC, there are only 2 teams lower on average than us so far - Vandy and Kentucky. I measure how we do in relation to other teams in the SEC. Ole Miss is the same average, but with more players, Hence the 31 point better ranking. I get it.

Again, it’s a great addition. We need defense. But, I’m still not impressed. We are so far behind. There are a bunch of coaching changes in the SEC, and the Mississippi schools are killing us. Miss St. hasn’t had any trouble getting a BUNCH of talent.

Remember, there’s a big difference in a recruiter and a coach.

I think your animus against Coach Morris will not allow you to celebrate successes in recruiting - although I think you would be sticking to it regardless if Arkansas was in the top 25 nationally - which by the way it would be if it had a full class due to its average recruit star ranking so far.

Arkansas now has five four-star recruits in either ESPN, Rivals or 24/7 rankings- with Eric Gregory, Zach Williams, KJ Jefferson, Shamar Nash and Mataio Soli all getting that honor - among its 10 pledges in the 2019 class.

The Razorback class is up to No. 45 with just 10 recruits in both the 24/7 and Rivals rankings while ESPN has not added Gregory and so far lists only its top 40.

Dead last would be 14th. They are currently 10th. Semantics, but nevertheless.

It’s neither as great as it could be or as bad as you make it out to be.

Just admit that recruiting has gone well these last few weeks and has a chance to get even better.

I would think you could do that and still drink the massive amounts of the haterade that you do for Morris.

recruiting is picking up just fine IMO.we probably won’t ever be in the top 5 in the SEC just too many great programs with better areas than we do but we start winning and pull an upset or 2 this fall and lookout with CCM connections in TX…

One of the things I like about the commitments so far is how they are filling positions that we desperately need going forward. And, as Dudley noted, we aren’t even halfway to the finish line in numbers. I don’t know who will commit between now and signing day anymore than any of you, but I’m confident that we are getting some studs to develop under this coaching staff. I’m very happy with what I see. I’ll be even happier if we have a starting QB on September 1 who can run this offense the way it is designed to be run. That will also do wonders for our W-L and recruiting.

I felt thesame way about the Mississippi schools’ recruiting and then I looked a little nore closely at it… both schools’ classes are built up with nostly in state recruits. Olemiss has a commitment from the 35th ranked IN-STATE recruit. That sort of talent pool is a huge advantage so the fact that they are ranked higher at the moment isn’t necessarily an indicator on how good/bad our staff is…