DE David Porter flips commitment to Hogs (story added) … -arkansas/

Was this the visit mentioned earlier?

Is this the transfer you were talking about a few days ago?

So Callaway, Johnson, and who??


No transfer here. High school kid.

Porter should have been offered long time ago.


It does my heart good to read Mr. Porters words about his home state and the Razorbacks !! I believe this young man will make Arkansas very proud of him .
WPS !!

Proud to see an instate kid get the offer and commit! Congratulations Mr. Porter

Porter said “I promise you Arkansas, I will represent this state with everything I have”.

This is why Arkansas kids in a lot of instances should be offered over out of state recruits.

Most of them just want it more. For reference just think about Drew Morgan.

Buckhog, because has a great motor, plays hard every down, knows how tackle, how to bring the wood and just flat out made more plays than that guy who jumped to OU. Porter has the speed and skills to be a big-time player in the 3-4.

RD any insight on plans for Porter? They going to use him as OLB or make him a 270 LB DE?

i am really elated by this. if an arkansas kid is just almost equal to an out of stater at same position, take the arkansas kid. look at greenlaw. and this kid is better than the kid that decommitted from us. congrats young man, wish you well on the hill.

Welcome back home where you belong Mr Porter.

Always glad to see an in-state guy get an offer and the opportunity. Period.

Welcome home Mr Porter, WPS