DD's comment that it is about the 85

as much or more than in is the 25 made me think (again) about the rules on limits. I am glad there are limits. For every one that Bama, etc. can’t take, there are more for “the rest of us.” (There is no doubt that in the days before limits schools like Bama and Texas would take kids they did not expect to ever play just to keep them away from other schools). But if the yearly limit is 25, and if you get penalized for too many kids transferring out, and if a kid comes and graduates “on time” he will be there 4 years, the 85 number is too low. That isn’t even taking into consideration that a lot of kids redshirt.

It seems disingenuous to punish schools if too many kids transfer at the same time they put in place rules that FORCE you to make kids transfer.

The “numbers” game is one that I never have really understood. It isn’t simple, that’s for sure. There are so many different colored “shirts” that it can be blurred on the edges. I’m watching two commits today and yet, we’re all anxiously awaiting some DBs to make their announcement. Will that push us over the magic number? I know at this time of year, one of the reporters usually has to set us straight as to how many we can sign on national signing day, how many we can add for the fall semester, and what happens if more players either transfer or lose their scholarship between now and August.

As I understand it, if we sign 25, that would put us at 87 or 88, meaning two or three have to go away. That would likely also mean that the Henry kid and other blueshirts can’t go on scholie until January.

I would hope that on the day before NSD that the coaches have a pretty good idea who will follow through with their commitment and sign their papers, which of the undecided players will announce their commitment on NSD, which current roster players will transfer (but not yet announced) and what that does to the numbers. It is agonizing sitting out here in the hinterland not knowing what they know, but it does make for drama when the papers start coming in tomorrow. I do like this class. I like the class for not only the talent by position, but for the enthusiasm the players are expressing to be Hogs. I haven’t had a chance to review the class to predict which of the signees are likely to see playing time this fall, but I’m sure that most of them will at least be competing in August for those coveted Freshman minutes on the field.