DD, so 2017 BB recruiting not over?

Dudley, based on your tweets that Macon is leaning towards leaving, is it fair to say recruiting for class of 2017 is far from over? Although I am not sure if they can even remotely replace Macon at this stage.

Noi, I wouldn’t say it is far from over.

Whether they use that possible Macon scholarship or not is up in the air.

As is he.

If they decide to hold the Macon scholarship over to 2018, it leaves them with Barford, Beard, CJ, Garland plus walkon Glasper as the guards. They like to play three guards a good part of the game. An injury here or there could leave them in a bad shape.

Last year, guard play was the strength of the team. With Macon gone, it could be a major weakness. On the other hand the X factor could be Hall at the 3 spot as a combo 2-3.

I’m probably in the minority on this but, I think we’ll be fine with or without Macon next year. Obviously, I want him to come back and think we’ll be a better team with him, but I still think they will be pretty good even if he decides to go overseas. I thought the most important player coming back for us would be Barford, he was arguably our best player the second half of season. Then I thought Trey Thompson was the second most important player the second half of the season as well. I think as long as those 2 are still here combined with the other 3 seniors, and development of Jones and Bailey, to go alongside our top 20 class we’ll be fine.

If Macon isn’t here I could see our rotation looking like this…


And I’m sure if Macon does leave, they’ll look into adding another guard just in case. Also, have any of you guys heard the rumors of Glasper transferring, some guy on another board claiming to be a friend of the family said he’s already made intentions of transferring and is looking at other schools. Obviously, no way to verify who the person is or if they even know anything, but thought it was worth mentioning.

I agree that we should have a good team whether Macon comes back or not. I love him and want him back but think Jones would replace some of his production.

I also think Garland will play and help. He is being overlooked a lot. He definitely had areas of improvement but when Flanigan said he was the best he has had at getting to the rim that said a lot to me.

Some on this board disagree with me on that. We will see. I’m not saying he will be a star next year but I think he will be a contributor and provide something the team often lacked last year–dribble penetration opening up looks for others.

PIG, I agree on you with Garland, also think Hall will help (for some reason seems like people are writing them off).

Blu, heard the same thing. Been hearing Glasper may leave when the team was still playing.

I know that RJ has been going through to school and through the workouts

As has Daryl for that matter

I wouldn’t expect Glasper back. He has offer from Tech and I think he might have one from ASU.

Someone on another board who is friends with the family has said it is close to being a done deal that he transfers to a school where he will have a scholarship

I agree with that…if Macon leaves, I can see Barford having a year like Sindarius Thornwell just did. But, I would still rather have Macon back…obviously.

Response: I’m hearing his father is tried of paying tuition fees. Regardless it always work itself out

What you are overlooking is late clutch free throws from Macon and before that the art of getting fouls called on the defender. That gave us 3 to 4 wins. Plus I am not yet sure if CJ can effectively replace his three point shooting. Let’s say he has to prove it first.

Regarding Garland, I had tabbed him as mid-season starter quite a while ago. I am counting on him.

But the real problem I see is depth if they don’t use Macon scholarship for at least a 75% replacement of Macon. That was my main point. If Glasper leaves, that just makes it worse.

Maybe Avery Benson could walk on or get a schollie. Maybe Mike has that in his back pocket.

I’m not overlooking Macon’s contributions. I love his game and think he’s a great fit for us and would be featured for us if he comes back.

But, he very well may not and then it becomes a matter of having to find a way to take up the slack.

It’s the nature of the beast in college hoops and we have to figure out a way to plan for it and address it bc it isn’t going away, particularly as we upgrade the overall talent and our national brand.

I’m not minimizing Macon at all. I just think it is what it is and we have to deal with it.

There are options as long as players step up and make gains. We have seen it happen recently with guys that at one time or another people had written off (Moses, Bell, Manny, Trey).

I think we will have a very experienced team by today’s standards and are at a point that we have to start taking the approach that we are reloading.

A backcourt with Barford, Beard, CJ. Garland and Glasper can be pretty good, especially if Barford continues to make the leap and CJ is as good as advertised by people like Dusty and Macon.

Well said Notorious, agree 100%.

And I wasn’t trying to diminish Macon’s contributions either, however I don’t think we go from being a tournament team to a non-tournament team without him. I’ve seen people on here and other places think if he’s not here we’re likely not going to make the tournament, I don’t believe that at all. Even without him, I think we have a good looking roster, we’ll have 5 seniors (who all contributed last year), bringing in three 4-star guys, plus guys like CJ Jones and Bailey will step up. Our top 9-10 guys are all very solid. I think with Macon our ceiling is around the 4-6 seed range, and without him probably looking anywhere from the 7-9 range. But, I think we’ll be a solid in the field team.

Sounds about right.

On paper that lineup looks good, mainly because of the projections for CJ and Garland. The other projection you are making is that Bailey can improve his handle and play the 3 in a prototype CMA three guard lineup. All the projections are not unrealistic. For example, CJ already showed what he can do in Spain.

I don’t disagree with your 7-9 seed projection. Because we have some experience, some exciting new talent and a coach he always coaches players up and by midseason finds the right lineups and player rotations.

The point I was making is that with Macon, in the preseason Hogs backcourt will be talked about as one of the best in SEC and not so without Macon.

I think we are all on the same page.

Oh without a doubt. With Macon here we’ll be one of the most talked about teams in the SEC and I’d be surprised if most didn’t project us in at least the top 4 in the SEC (Kentucky, Florida, Bama, Arkansas) is how I think they will have it. If Macon leaves our projection probably goes down to 6-7 range in SEC. And we probably don’t get talked about much. But, CMA always exceeds his projections, so I’m not worried about that, but I do like reading and hearing about us leading into the season. Without Macon our hype definitely takes a huge hit.

Also, as far as Bailey, I agree with you that’s assuming he can step up to play the 3 may be pushing it a bit. However, he’s going to have to eventually learn it if he wants to play big minutes. He’s still behind two seniors at the 4 spot this upcoming year, then the following year Reggie Perry is going to be demanding minutes at the 4 spot. I think even if he’s not quite ready, the staff will put him there just because of his athleticism and defense, he’s quick enough to match-up on guards. He reminds me of Qualls in that area, if you remember when they first moved Qualls to the 3 spot, he wasn’t quite ready either, and didn’t do much ball handling at all, he either was slashing to the rim or a catch and shoot. His ball handling did improve, but it was still never that good, but he made it work.

The lineup of Barford, Jones, Bailey, Thomas, and Thompson reminds me a lot of the 14-15 lineup we used to start the season of Madden, Bell, Qualls, Harris, and Portis. Both lineups with a combo guard running the PG, a SG that’s kinda weak on defense but can really shoot the three ball, and a SF with athleticism, however ball handling isn’t that great.

Let me be very clear - I am not saying Macon is leaving.

Just that I trust the people around him who tell me he is leaning toward that at the moment

Yea, I think most of us were talking in hypotheticals.

Also, we should know something soon right? The combine invites have been sent out and they should know if there’s any interest in bringing them in for private workouts as well.

Jones is (hopefully) replacing the perimeter shooting of Hannahs. If Macon leaves, we have lost 68% of our treys, not to mention three of our top-four offensive threats. A lot will have to go right to replace that much production in one year. It will necessitate several sophs and froshs being ready to take on major roles. Not saying it is impossible, but you have to be a half-full type to be optimistic that we won’t be significantly worse without Macon than with him. However, Barford being much improved from the perimeter and getting January Beard for the whole season would make compensating for the loss of Macon more manageable.

Why would his father be paying tuition , if Macon is on scholarship ?