Would like to here your thoughts on Jakari Livingston, if you have seen him play.

My bad I guess it’s Janari, I did see a post where coach Williams checked him out. Would love to know more about his game. I’ve heard he has grown some.

Not either of those two, but you take my opinion if you want it. It’s Jakari by the way.

Uber-explosive and athletic. Like freaky. Everywhere else, he’s good, not great. If he works on his skill game, he can be a good college player. He didn’t play the whole circuit with Woodz Elite, which makes me question his success at that level.

Ahh, I had it right the first time! Heard he is about 6’4 now and getting some attention. Just curious about his game.

He was at Born to Hoop. I saw enough to agree with RA on the athleticism.

I didn’t see enough to have a strong opinion on his future. I would need to see more.

Corey Williams was at Born to Hoop because his son was there.