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While I know you will report what you know, who would you speculate would be possible “fits”'for our opening? I have seen lists that on the outside would be absurd but just like to know inside thoughts on where this might be headed, if that’s possible. If not, so be it.

I’d love to see that as well.


Just of those being tossed out there - Sampson, Beard and Williams - would all be so called “fits” in terms of nearby recruiting areas, relationships with Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma high school coaches.

All of those guys are defense first guys. The latter two do a lot of play calling, which is apparently what a portion of the Arkansas fan base is dying to see.

Musselman’s lure would be his NBA background and vast coaching resume.

Any reason why you picked his name?

Because he has been thrown out by the national and local media because of his success.

Anything to the reports the search has concluded?