DD, Richard, etc--historical hoops recruiting ?

If MA & Co. close the 2018 class with Henderson and Sills, and the other commitments stick (and they all make it to campus healthy & qualified) I’m interested to see where you think the 2016-2019 (i.e. Justice Hill) run ranks historically (ON PAPER) in terms of Arkansas hoops recruiting.

The 2011 class of Devonta Abron, Ky Madden, B.J. Young and Hunter Mickelson was pretty well thought of coming in, but obviously didn’t meet the hype. It was followed up by a solid group of Coty Clarke, Anthlon Bell and Michael Qualls in 2012. That said I wouldn’t call those great classes.

Probably the best back-to-back classes in the last 15 years or so would be the 2003 class of Vincent Hunter, Olu Famutimi and Ronnie Brewer while the 2004 class had Dontell Jefferson, Charles Thomas, Darian Townes and Steven Hill.

If Arkansas adds a Garrison Brooks or someone along those lines with the current 2017 class then you’re talking about a class that could rival class in recent memory.

You still have to see how much better the five Hawks can get in the 18 class. They’re awfully impressive now. Then you have to see who else they get, but the potential is there to have the best back-to-back classes in a long time.

If there was one thing Stan Heath could do … It was recruit. But at the same time, he was still able to pretty much sell the NC then bc we weren’t so far removed. People still remembered. So while I say that Heath could recruit … I have to remember that the recent historic reputation of the program was in place still and that helped him.

CMA I think could have worked wonders with those 2003, 2004 classes. Probably needed one less big and one more wing in his system tho.

I think system fit, and character are the things that we’re underestimating here too. Coach A is getting high character guys who want to be Hogs, who are versatile, athletic, high energy players. We are going to have depth and versatility like we haven’t had in decades.

Be hard for me to not to look back on the stretch in the late 1980s until 1996, when the class was ranked No. 1, but then imploded

This 20016-17-18-19 group certainly has potential, but those guys have not done it yet on the stage.

I spoke with Fitz the other day and he said that what has him excited is that the 5 Hawks all fit into the 1,2,3,4, & 5 positions on a basketball court. The experience they will have playing together over the 2-3 years will give them an advantage that is rarely, if ever, seen at the P5 level. And yes, he knows not all five are committed yet…but maybe he knows something.

Those classes you look back on had several McDonald All-Americans. We feel good about these recent classes, but they are nowhere close to the classes you are looking back on, Of course, Gafford, Perry and Hill have potential to be McAAs.

Yes. That’s what I mean. I think it’s the best recruiting run (on paper) since the mid 90s.

I liked Brewer and those guys, but on paper, and considering that these are stacked in 3-4 classes, I think this run is as good as anything we have done in recruiting since the 90s.

That 2004 class could’ve also had the #1 HS player in the country in Al Jefferson too, correct?

If “could have” is a legit argument, our 2015 class would have been an above average one with two 4 stars in Kapita and Whitt. And then if Portis and Qualls had not left, we would not have needed to do late desperate spring recruiting to just get bodies. That class would have been a class of two with both 4-stars.