After today’s news, are we down to one or two open spots now? Your best guess


Thank you

We need two big Guys for the DL!

Or another DB and DL.

too much talent in the portal that could be a difference maker immediately and add to Briles armamentarium. The Wingo kid should have a guaranteed offer if he is inclined and time is short for spring. I like Knox and Henry, but I also love 3 TE packages with the RPO. The OT from W Ky is a Sam kind of guy. Easy to find help for only 3 schollies.

How about the Fort Smith db leaving A&M? Sorry blanking on the name at the moment.

Is the player leaving A&M Norwood?

I thought he went to play with Dorkwitz at Mizz

Norwood has transferred to Missouri

As noted above, he went to Mizzou. Arkansas never made contact.

Thanks guys.

Noticed big bro Norwood playing for the Steelers last night. Got torched by Travis Kelce just before halftime, but Kelce has been known to do that.

They are cousins

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