Richard or Dudley. Can you give us an update on how many Scholies the Football Team has left to give? Also, who , if any, Defensive Players we are looking at? PS. Thanks for setting me straight on the Athletic Department not taking tax revenue . Didn’t know. Thought they did.

Pretty fluid with the what’s all involved now. I think Dudley’s story sums it up.

I suspect they’ll add 3-4 HS kids and then look at the portal for the other spots. Then how many on the team enter the portal? I’m sure there’s some third party people telling the staff that this guy is interested in transferring to Arkansas.

There’s several '22s that are possibilities.

With the portal, roster management is the wild wild west right now. We need guys ready to go right now and trying to build for the future. It’s exciting to see your team improve, but we will have lots of losses after this year. Do we have quality behind them? How lucky can we be in the portal? Arkansas has been gathering a ton of good press and is one of the feel good stories in college football. Portal wise, does that make Arkansas really attractive with the opportunity for playing time? I think so. So I believe Arkansas will be exceptionally choosey with the last few spots. We will be looking for true game changers or use the spots for the portal. We need to get some grown men in here to help next year.