DD, RD just curious

If it is Sampson…I know he has a guard he really really likes for next year (Mills I believe) and he gradated early and was there starting in January. Justice Hill kinda situation I guess. My question is if we got KS and he wanted to kid to come to Arkansas would he have to sit out for a year or semester or would be be immediately eligible for 2019-2020 since he didn’t play this year? May depend if he is already on scholarship or not?

It’s Caleb Mills, who Coach Sampson is really high on. He is redshirting this year and on scholarship.

My understanding of the rules is that he would have to sit out next season if he transferred here, but could apply for a waiver.

https://uhcougars.com/news/2018/11/16/c … tball.aspx

Gotcha. Thanks DD.