DD/ RD Isaac McBride

Any thing new to report here? Is he interested? Are we? Would he be eligible this season? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love for him to be a Hog.

The last spot will likely be taken by Walker. I guess he could walkon and wait on a scholarship later.

Not DD or RD, but I hope to be able to find out something soon. (Will give some limited info via PM, if asked). As I have said before, he was very vocal about wanting to play at Arkansas, even the day he signed with Kansas. Question is, does this staff want him and do they have a spot for him.

I would love to hear any info you have

Just trying to assess the situation, Coach Musselman has been recruiting Walker as a top priority dating well back into his time at Nevada. Meanwhile as far as I can tell, he had not spent any time at all on McBride and if he has ever even spoken to him, it probably happened for the first time this month. I don’t see any way Coach Musselman would turn Walker away if he wanted to come here, so the only way McBride could be here this year is as a walk-on or if Walker decides not to come.

From rumors only, UVA has the inside track and McBride would enroll there in January if that’s where he decides to go.

One thing to remember, Muss loves transfers he believes can help. You can’t have enough great shooters. Especially guys that can hit the three-pointer.

Will he have to sit out a year wherever he goes, considering what is going on at KU?

A bit different here. Muss loves transfers that have proven themselves elsewhere and are not a risk in not developing to potential. McBride will not be a transfer that has proven himself at college level.

That might be the normal way of looking at it but McBride can shoot lights out so I expect there to be some interaction. Will he end up at Arkansas? Remains to be seen especially since there likely won’t be a spot unless Walker goes to China.

I do agree on the 3 point shooting. Not too many better options on that. The kid can stroke it.

I get holding out for Walker, but how long do we hold out for? When is a decision coming? It’s very rare to get a 2nd chance to right a wrong in recruiting. We have that chance with Isaac. The kid is special.

Or Walker to Kansas… he is one and done and so are they, LOL.

I just hope we don’t ignore him again until it is too late while waiting around for someone supposedly better. If we do, we will likely end up putting our hands on our heads with our mouths wide open as he leaves Arkansas to play for Tony Bennett and the National Champion Virginia Cavaliers.

If he ends up at Auburn… er, ahhhhh, perish the thought!

Agree. I would take McBride over Walker in a minute, given that Walker won’t be here long. Initially I thought Walker would be McAA and give Muss big pub and an anchor to build recruiting on. But since China thing propped up and Walker is just another 4*, McBride would be the ideal choice.

I say just another 4* because we have not had a problem getting 4s to Arkansas. It is the 5s that have been the issue.

It might be a decision of who do you like better: KK Robinson or Isaac McBride. I don’t know who is better, both are similar in size, rank and playing style from what I have seen on video.

I remember most (don’t know if you included) wanted to Anderson to pursue McBride while we had Hill committed. So why not both KK and McBride?

I have no idea, but just throwing out another variable. More speculation - Sills will be back, Notae is eligible next year, and I assume Harris will be back, so with KK and McBride you would have 5 PG/SGs in the 6’2 and under range.

I think he wants more size in the back court.

I like Robinson and I think he will be very good, but McBride is a scoring machine. I will also readily admit my bias. Those two went head-to-head many times. And although McBride clearly had the upper hand, Robinson was a year younger, so I am not sure how good of a comparison that is now.

I was one of those that wanted Hill & McBride. Robinson & McBride would be a good tandem as well, but I agree we need more size. McBride would be best suited to play the 2 with a long PG.

I wonder what Robinson is thinking about Kansas now that McBride got out of there before they get slapped with sanctions. Those two are friends & I expect they have and will talk more about what went on.

I agree with your logic.

I am just pointing out that if you swap Hill and Notae, Anderson faced the identical situation, but not getting McBride was put up as a failure and one of the arguments for getting rid of Anderson.