DD/RD , How many football recruits

do you think CP will sign by Feb. completion? I think he mentioned wanting to keep a couple open for possible portal transfers but have not seen projected number.

around 20.

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I’ll put my guess in at 22.

23 or 24, of course I am counting Luke Jones in 20 recruiting class.

Any idea how many graduate transfers, if any, they might include?

I would assume that is one of the things that the head coach and two coordinators will discuss.

Here are his comments about it so far:

“We certainly have to leave some scholarships available for transfers or grad transfers,” Pittman said. “Right now, it doesn’t seem to be too big of a problem, you know? We will fix that when it comes. But, we obviously are in the transfer market at different positions.

“Junior college-wise, I never want to go heavy junior college because I think we can build our team young. I just want the best players we can get, so if we can go into the junior colleges and get one, two or three outstanding players that we think can change our program immediately, you have to be right on that now, you have to be correct on your evaluation. I don’t think we’d ever sign a whole huge number of junior college players just because I believe you have to base your whole program out of freshman and start in the state of Arkansas.”

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