DD, RD and all


Man, I just want to say how excited I am about the waye things are going with the football program. Seems to me the Hogs are going after better talents than ever and the responses are looking good. Great offers going out earlier. Hiring younger coaches a good move, too. Lots of good news on the way I think. Stay tuned.

There’s no doubt they’re getting offers out earlier. That started last year and they had 19 commitments before the start of the season. Recruiting is two to three years out so in Bielema’s fifth year they’ve had the chance to ID kids and start building relationships. Now you have to get those guys on campus and start closing.

We’ll know more about the new coaches in the coming months.

I especially like that our early committments stuck with us after receiving other offers

The two new coaches will have a press conference with Coach B on Tuesday