DD or Richard....

Now we are at 16 slots filled.

4 DE 2 OL
2 DL 3 WR
1 LB 1 QB
1 S
2 CB

So do we know what the staff’s breakdown is for the remaining spots and who are some likely options for those spots?

My thinking is this:

2 OL, McBride and ???
1 RB, Spivey or Gray
1 WR, Knox
1 TE, Henry
1 DT, Enoch Jackson
1 LB, Kendall Young
1 S, Catalon
plus 1 BAP, ???

How close is this?

The RB Gray from Memphis is committed to Michigan so don’t really like our chance there :slight_smile:

I think Spivey calls the hogs on the 6th, but I also think Ivory Winters (Indiana commit) could step in if Spivey goes with LSU

Looks pretty close. You’re missing one name.

And would that be the silent commit?

Jadon Jackson?

So I am missing one. :slight_smile:

Can you provide some names that may be missing??? :slight_smile: