DD or Richard

so it seems Kyree Walker on Mar 14 said decision coming soon. Is it college or pros? any best guesses as to which way the kid is leaning?


KINDA far down the thread which is a real hodgepodge of interventions, but there is a growing list of his AAU teammates

Kyree seems like a troubled soul and I cannot fathom anything that would make him happy.

I wouldn’t say he’s a troubled soul, I’d say he suffers the same issues that lead Darious Hall to go to DePaul

I remain in the camp that until he steps foot on this campus - which he has not done yet - I will find it hard to believe that he will end up here.

But you never say never in recruiting.

is it your impression that he is going to college? AR or otherwise

I just don’t know

For the longest, I haven’t expected him in Fayetteville. Nothing has changed my opinion.

That would be a outstanding addition!!

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