DD or RD

Walsh question for you. What role do you see Jordan having on next year’s team. Physically he reminds me of Ethan Henderson, but I think he’s even more athletic than Ethan which is crazy.

6-7 but plays so much bigger with his incredible hops

Don’t see him as a guard/wing cuz he’s not really a shooter, but looks like he’s more than capable of playing the pf and/or center position in Muss’ system.

What do you think?

I’m not who you’re asking, but I think he plays the Justin Smith role, which is the 4 in our system.

After watching some video of him, I’d say he’s kind of a cross between Derek Hood and Chris Jeffries. Versatile player. Hard to pin down. He does looks like a 4, possibly a stretch 4. He shoots the 3-ball more than I thought. Long, long arms. Looks much taller than 6-7.

I’d agree, especially on the offensive end. I haven’t seen enough of him to know if he can be the interior defender that Justin was. I think most of that is going to have to come from JWill, if he’ll still be here as a junior.

7’ 3" wing span!

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7-3 wingspan + 42 inch vertical

Potential is there to not only be a very good interior defender, but an elite one

Jordan’s going to block a lot of shots at the rim as a Hog, no doubt

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He’s very long and ridiculously athletic. Definitely SC top 10 candidate nightly if he catches the right pass on the break. Gas is gonna love this guy!

Between blocking and disrupting passes, he will be a terror for opposing offenses.

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I bet that partly what is on the white board

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Derek Hood with a lot more offensive skills

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I saw the Derek Hood with Ron Huery mixed in projection. I’d love for that to be true

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