DD or RD - Trendon Watford

With all this talk on firing Mike, I have a question. Watford is a top 25 PF form Birmingham. Is this not Mike and TJ’s backyard? I mean Mike can’t even get a visit from this guy? Why not?

Not DD or RD, but I can’t find anywhere where AR even spoke to him or showed interest. Good question, I’d like to hear the answer to this as well.

Maybe when Mike Anderson called Arkansas as his home, people in Birmingham wrote him off. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I doubt they knew about him! There’s about 20 schools mentioned and no Arkansas. Strange!

Never heard them being involved.

Being from an area doesn’t mean you have connections at every school.

Down to Alabama, Indiana, Memphis and LSU

Here’s some info:

https://www.al.com/sports/2019/02/check … iting.html

Unfortunately he looks out of our league recruiting wise. How long has it been since we’ve even recruited a 5 star. No wonder we’re calling behind.

Corliss, Joe Johnson, Olu Famutimi are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head.

This program has never been a 5-star destination, didn’t just begin not being one.

Since you went back to Corliss, after Corliss, following are 5 star recruits

Darnell Robinson
Kareem Reid
Derek Hood
Glendon Alexander
Joe Johnson
Olu Famutini
Bobby Portis

Plus we signed Michael Lloyd who did not qualify and a name I cannot remember a 6-8 forward that Heath signed who instead went to NBA and that was before the one and done rule.

That Final 4 is not exactly Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kansas. The original question is kind of interesting. Is this the kind of player who just “doesn’t fit our system”? I think you can fairly question why we aren’t at least on the mix for some of these type players. LSU is winning with highly rated freshmen and sophomores. And, yes, I know the whispers about Will Wades’s Recruiting. But, I also don’t see any noise about Penny being the same type, and he is shooting for 5 stars.

Al Jefferson…who would have absolutely been unstoppable in college

Everyone forgets BJ Young

Going back to the days when Bob Gibbons was the main source of basketball recruiting, and Hoop Scoop was a big source as well, the 92 class that had Corliss Williamson, Michael Lloyd, and Scotty Thurman was ranked 2nd after Kentucky in the nation. Not in the SEC, but the nation. The 95 class was a large class with a lot of JC players, but it was ranked 1st. The 88 class had two top 10 high school players, Todd Day and Lee Mayberry, plus Oliver Miller. These are not vague recollections from the depths of my memory, I still have those old magazines. Ron Huery was a top 20 player, Darnell Robinson was top 5, Derek Hood was top 15, Kareem Reid was top 25, Brandon Dean top 30, Glendon Alexander top 25. We used to have more McDonald’s All Americans on our roster than the rest of the SWC combined back in the 80’s. Fayetteville was far smaller then than it is now.

Yep, pretty sure it was the next season that they changed the rule to “1 and done”.

That recruiting class for Heath was loaded.

People often forget this but Heath put together two monster classes in a row that should’ve put Arkansas back on the map. Unfortunately, as an in game coach and a program runner/player developer, he wasn’t very good.

2003: National Rank 12th, SEC Rank 3rd
Ronnie Brewer 4*
Olu Famutimi 5*
Vincent Hunter 3*

2004: National Rank 4th, SEC Rank 2nd
Steven Hill 4*
Charles Thomas 4*
Darian Townes 4*
Dontell Jefferson 3*
Al Jefferson 5*

Not to mention Cyrus McGowan in the 2005 class who was a 4*, top 100 player.