DD? or RD? track question pertinent to football

who would you take in hurdles? Derek Russell or Isaac Satenga?
old glory days for Central in high hurdles as good as anywhere in nation, seems like Northside and the 440 were the same. Just saw the Satenga tweet

I’ll go with Russell until Isaiah turns in a 13.4

numbers don’t lie, but I Isaiah is fastest in nation so far. Who has better WR skills?

Didn’t Cedric Cobs also have a sub 14 110 hurdle time in high school. made a quick cursory look but didn’t find anything but a 7.44 55 hurdle time indoors.

If Isaiah is as good or better than Derek, we have a good one.


According to this 13.76 is the fastest thus far. Should see kids get into the low 13s as the season progresses.

Isaiah did stipulate that it was the fastest against a head wind.

Never heard rankings for going against headwind but who knows. Regardless very nice time by Isaiah headwind or not.

It’s early for high school track outdoors. Isaiah will do much better. He is awesome. Of course, I’d take Clyde Scott.

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I’m a Derrick Russell guy myself, but the one thing I’ll say…It appears Sategna’s time may be digital, where you know Russell’s had to be handheld. They may have closer times than what it appears.

Any issues with his left arm? That looks like more than a stylish sleeve.

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