DD or anyone that knows - Players success

How many players and who on our team come from winning programs and won while they were at them? I’m curious who actually knows what it takes to grind out through team play to be winners. I know Moses didn’t start organized basketball until he was like 17 (concerning) and I thought there are a few thy came out of a winning program in LR but was hoping you could break down our players background in terms of success. Thanks.

Given the impact that one exceptional player can have on a high school basketball team, I would suspect most of them. I know that Beard and Macon played on championship teams in HS. PA was always very good when Dusty was there. Forrest City won a state title Thompson’s senior year. I believe Cook played on a championship team at Madison Prep in St. Louis. Barford played on a state championship team in Jackson TN. Even walk on RJ Glasper played on a championship team.

Every last one of them were on winning programs with some having won multiple titles.

As you will see, that is not an issue.

Kingsley - played on on of he nation’s top teams that include current NBA player Andrew Wiggins

Hannahs - led Pulaski Academy to the state title with Hunter Henry

Watkins - led Fayetteville to state title

Beard - State titles

Barford - state title in high school, successful in JC

Macon - State titles

Cook - led his St. Louis team to state title, went to Connors where they were successful

Thompson and Glasper - led Forrest City to state titles

Jones - led his team to a 27-9 record as a senior

Thomas - led his team to a 29-2 record his senior year - semifinals

Bailey - led his team to a 34-4 mark and state runs-erup finish

Hazen - went deep into state tournament each year

Mitchell Wiggins hasn’t played in the NBA since 1992. Maybe he was Kingsley’s coach?

Andrew Wiggins


Makes more sense. Thanks.

Any idea why they aren’t playing like they know how to win?