DD--I am really excited about Desi

what is your take on him and do you have a Razorback Comp for him?

At this point I would say a shorter Alvin Robertson, who was 6-3.

Speed is amazing, great athleticism, attacks the rack, great defender and just out-toughs you

The 2017 crew is great, the 2018 group is off the charts so far

Good, I love when we have guys like that

You’re gonna love him. He just wins. And, he’s a leader.

Glad to have him. Seems like a good kid. I’m not a talent evaluator and don’t claim to have a clue about it. I have seen him play up close several times and he doesn’t seem particularly quick (though not slow), not great size, not a great shooter (or form) but decent, and not particularly aggressive on either side of the court - although certainly not lazy by any means. The whole team plays hard and he’s one of them. IMO, the closest thing to Alvin Robertson at Jonesboro (if we want to go there) is Jonathan Adams who is the best athlete on that team and is going to play football at ASU. The best basketball player is Marquis Eaton who is also going to ASU (for basketball).

I’m glad we have him and all the AR signees (and Perry!), but comparing him to Alvin Robertson, who was one of the best athletes ever to play b-ball at AR, is WAY off the mark imo. We shall see.

As a manager for Coach Sutton who was at almost every practice and game of Alvin’s career from the time he arrived from Crowder College in 1981 to when he left in 1984, I trust my judgment and instincts.

No one is saying he IS or will become Alvin. I was asked to compare his playing style to a former Arkansas player.

I just don’t at all how you could say Desi doesn’t seem particularly quick and not aggressive.

I have seen him play about 20 times the past two years.

Jonathan Adams is a tremendous athlete.

Marquis is the best point guard on the team and A-State is getting a very good player, but not the best player on his team in my opinion. he is a big-time glue guy.

And his lnjured little sister is a beast.

Sounds like you know and are clearly the expert so I will defer.

The standard Dudley straw man “No one is saying he IS or will become Alvin” shows that you are a little uncertain about your position but, hey, maybe that’s just a fallback technique and not a true sign of defensiveness/weakness.

Here’s to hoping your expert assessment is better than mine and he reminds people of Alvin Robertson. We’ll see.

Why be such a jerk? I’ll never understand it. You make an unnecessary run at DD, he responds, and you get butt hurt about it.

If you don’t want someone defending their opinion and listing their credentials, don’t be so thick as to think he’s actually making a straight up and down comparison between a 17-year old kid and a HOF caliber player.

It only takes the sense God gave a goose to realize he is merely comparing style of play, makeup, etc. and is not even remotely suggesting he’s as good as Alvin freaking Robertson.

You are right - I am not saying he will or become an NBA player that once had a quadruple-double in the league.

I’m not smart enough to know what a straw man is in the context you are using it without looking it up.

We had straw men on the farm outside Newport growing up and they scared away birds

I am not egotistical enough to think everybody on this new board knows who I am or that I was on the bench with Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson

So I stated my credential of being there to watch a man that I consider a friend that was a fantastic player - albeit a troubled soul

I am not telling you my opinion carries more weight than yours

I’m just telling you mine is different from yours

Childs play, and the floor is shining.