DD, Anthony Black Q?

This may be stupid question, but I just received my HI magazine with Nick Smith on the Cover. I noticed in the Basketball Recruits section, Anthony Black was not listed. Is this just an oversight or mistake?

I read the basketball recruiting article in the previous magazine, and he wasn’t on the list of recruits there either (although he was one of the features of the recruiting article). I think it was just an oversight that hasn’t been corrected.

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Still very much a possibility

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Awesome. Thanks

Even with the recent news from Duncanville HS and not being eligible? Or am I thinking of someone different?

Nope, it’s Black. He’s looking to overturn the ruling.

Ok…thanks. Seems a very weak case against him being down here but what do I know. Kids do it all the time but now you have an EXTREMELY high profile player and boom…not allowed.

It’s an interesting situation for sure, but has not changed anything about his recruitment to this point.


Can Anthony Black go to a school like the one in Branson to finish his senior year?

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Great question and one I was wondering myself earlier today! So not eligible with Duncanville so can he roll out to say an IMG or some such for his final year?

Ramone knows predicts Black to Arkansas

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Ramone has been correct about a lot lately

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I like Ramone, but who is he?

Dead punk rocker perhaps? I dunno. And is Duncanville anywhere near Fansville? Sounds like a made up place. It would be good to have a player or two from Duncanville, but we need to get some from Shootersville too.

I believe he’s a Aggie…