DD and RD

This would probably be best after the 22nd, but could you recap for us where we are after the early signing period. Who did we sign, who signed with others that we were recruiting, who did not sign early that we are recruiting, and who is left out there in the recruiting world that we might go after since they didn’t sign early. I think that would be 4 different list. I bet you were already thinking that very thing already. I would guess that the new coaches would know some recruits that might be available especially on the defensive side.

Yes, we will assess it after the signing period.

Here are the ones that we know are signing early:

LB Bumper Pool- noon

QB Connor Noland- a.m.

CB Ladarrius Bishop

WR Mike Woods- 6:30 pm

DL Isaiah Nichols- 1:30

OL Silas Robinson- early am

OL Noah Gatlin said he’s not 100% if he’ll sign on Wednesday.

Ath Sean Michael Flanagan- 10:30 am, Down to Arkansas or OSU. Thinking he’s going to be a Cowboy.

DE Nick Fulwider- Arkansas or North Carolina, but feel very good about Arkansas.

DL Billy Ferrell- 12:30 at the HS old gym