DD and RD...realistic expectations

Aloha DD and RD,

Considering the National Signing day is about two weeks away, what would be honest and realistic expectations for CCM and his staff this year?

A top 35 Class?

Lastly, what is the latest projection for number of signees this year?


Aloha DD and RD,

Looking back at CBB’s recruiting, where did he go wrong? Not enough Texas/ local players? Poor evaluations? How much damage (if any) did CBB cause with Texas recruiting about his style of offense would win any day against the Spread (or words to that effect)?


There’s no way to tell that with any degree of certainty so I won’t try

But he and his staff have hit the ground running and that’s a good sign.

As I mentioned the other day, to set yourself up to think it would be a great class during a transition just wouldn’t be smart.

If he can get a very good one, it would be a plus.

But I always look at the following year after the hire as a testament to how it is going to go

As far as Coach B’s time, it appears to me not getting it done recruiting wise in the trenches after the first two years and not getting enough speed were the biggest downfalls.

Interesting that Coach Morris mentioned those today.

Arkansas was also just not exciting enough on offense in a day and age where you have to be

But it was not from lack of effort.

Dec 20 is the beginning of a three day window for early signing, right? Recruiting still goes on to February?


Could there be some recruits that don’t sign early (such as SMU commitments) in order to look at a few of the places with new coaches?

Or maybe the ESPN Top guys?

One thing to remember, when the rankings for this class finally are evaluated, is HOW those rankings come to be.

Now, I don’t follow the star rankings as closely as many. But I do know that some (not all) of the rankings total up the star value from the entire class, and then rank by those totals. In a case like ours, where we will probably sign 20 or less, that puts us at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to that ranking process.

Others take the average star ranking (total stars divided by number of players signed). Those types of rankings would have more merit, though it’s really going to be 3 or 4 years (as is ALWAYS the case) until we really know what we have in the class.