DD and RD , a little house cleaning on the transfers

Hey guys got a couple of questions on our two new Hogs via LSU…

First on Landon Jackson,.,. Is he healthy? Will he be able to go through winter conditioning? Will he be ready to go in the spring ? What are you guys thoughts on him? Have heard and seen on other boards he could be in serious rehab??

Second on Dwight McGlothern… this is my favorite transfer because he can really play! I am assuming he has enrolled in classes in Fayetteville? So are his grades good to go? He will be able to go through off season. Conditioning and spring ball?


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One source is thinking Landon is good to go for offseason. Will check with some others.

Expect Dwight to start classes soon. I would keep an eye on his twitter for info on that. I haven’t heard anything to make me believe he’s not good to enroll.

LSU source on Jackson. The person wasn’t sure what he injured.

‘’He was eventually cleared for practice during the season.’’


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