DD, and or, Richard

What kind of talent is Czar Perry?

JUCO talent due to grades/ACT.

In my opinion, he’s a high DI PG. His quickness, ball handling, hops and ability to penetrate and score is what you’re looking for a major college prospect.

Hopefully gets things right academically in JC. If he does, he’s have plenty of options.

So, I may respectfully, slightly disagree here.

He’s a dominant high school player in Arkansas. Very good player.

But, when you put him with and against high major prospects, he’s been far less successful. Case in point last spring when he started out with the Wings but just couldn’t put it together at that level and had to move to Team AAO to get playing time.

He’s a nice scorer. Very quick, good athleticism. But, he’s inconsistent with efficiency - takes a lot of shots and sometimes a lot of bad ones. Doesn’t look to pass enough considering how much he tends to dominate the ball. With the Wings, he disrupted flow constantly because of these issues. I’ve also heard the same from El Dorado - that he and the guards this year and last haven’t looked for Gafford as much as they should. He has a very slight build. Needs to gain a lot of strength; right now, a physical defender can cause him a lot of problems. Lastly, he’s a little bit of a tweener. About 6’0, maybe 6’1, and naturally a shooting guard. Can handle well enough to develop into a PG, but may not be wired to be a successful one.

All said, I think mid-major is the safer projection here. Maybe a high major might take a chance, but a lot of things would have to change that aren’t usually changed.

He was sick when he was with the Wings and never recovered well enough truly show what he could do. I’m not saying his game has arrived yet, but he has the physical tools to be a high DI. It all depends on how he develops his game the next couple of years.

He has a lot of skill and I think 2 1/2 more years of development will likely make him a high D-1 prospect.

Czar takes a volume amount of shots per game - some good and some not so good, some appropriate for the time of game, some bad ones.

He is already a very good to great high school player, but will need to redefined his game to be a point guard in college.

I have seen him play at the Rumble in Forrest City the last two years. I have been very impressed with him. I asked about him last year when he was a Jr. I am no expert on basketball talent, but I think he can be a very good college player. If he applies him in Jr. college, I would not be surprised at all for him to be a high major recruit.