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I was in Texas for a few days last week and bought my first copy of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football. What a great product!

I finally got around to reading some of it today, curious especially about the old SWC teams the Razorbacks will play this year — Rice, Texas and Texas A&M.

The magazine isn’t high on Rice, stating that no team in the state was hurt more by covid last year. Rice only played five games and went 2-3.

There is a lot of talk about Rice’s 21-0 win last season at Marshall, which was its first win over a ranked team since 1997. One of the Owls’ seniors who was eligible to transfer as a graduate said that win convinced him to come back, because it solidified what its coaching staff was building toward.

A few other notes of interest about Rice from the magazine:

• Former Washington and NFL QB Marques Tuiasosopo is in his first season as the team’s offensive coordinator. He worked with Rice head coach Mike Bloomgren at Stanford in 2017. Tuiasosopo will use a fullback and a tight end regularly. The offense had 627 yards in its spring game.

• Rice is unsettled at QB. Wiley Green, who was the starter in 2019, is the frontrunner.

• There are lots of words about running back Jordan Myers, who is referred to as the team’s “Swiss Army Knife.” He scored the team’s only rushing touchdown last season and had 24 receptions in five games.

• Rice had 96 players out for spring practice, up from 47 three years ago.

• The Owls have six starters back on defense. Rice ranked third in its conference in total defense a year ago.

• I had forgotten about D.J. Arkansas, the linebacker from Denton who committed to Rice over Arkansas. Rice lost an all-conference linebacker from last season, Blaze Alldredge, who is a graduate transfer at Missouri.

• DCTF predicts a 4-8 season for Rice, with losses to Arkansas, Houston and Texas the first three weeks.


First time I have ever seen “Texas Football” referred to as DCTF. Not a criticism…just a fact.

I’ve been reading that magazine for more than 60 years now. In the pre-SEC days (which also coincide with the pre-internet days), it was MUST reading and I couldn’t wait for it to come out every summer. Dad and I eagerly awaited it’s arrival. We’d take turns poring over it, then use it for “football talk” until fall practices started and there was some reporting on that activity.

There were some great, great writers that were a part of Texas Football (also had a version called Arkansas Football) year after year. Hall of famers like Blackie Sherrod, Dan Jenkins, Galyn Wilkins, Jim Trinkle, Mickey Herschkowitz, and - of course - Orville Henry and Jim Bailey. I loved reading the 2 or 3 pages where each writer would pick the top 4 finishers in the conference, player of the year, and coach of the year.

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I’ve heard it called Dave Campbell’s Texas Football a lot…not a criticism….just a fact.

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Its social media handle is @dctf, plus there are several references to that acronym in the print — DCTF Take, DCTF Sleepers, DCTF Recruiting Analyst, etc.

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Don’t sweat it. It’s a Wiz thing. He’s gonna correct people on stuff like that (even if it’s subjective, and frankly, incorrect).

And, if you’ve even remotely posted anything that he has posted about, before, he’s gonna link back to “his” thread/post.

It’s something…

Hey Notorious…you’re WAAAAY off on this.

The “not a criticism” in my post was, in fact, just that: an honest and sincere attempt to be proactive to make sure that everyone knew it was NOT a criticism…truly. Just a statement of fact…about me, really…not him. There was nothing in my post that was “correcting” anyone.

I was simply saying that - while I have OFTEN heard “Dave Campbell’s Texas Football”…as you mention…going back to the 1960’s - I had never heard the acronym “DCTF”. When I saw the subject line of the OP, I had NO idea what he was talking about.

I’m certain that Matt is right with his explanation that the magazine’s social media handle is @dctf. Now that I see that explanation, it makes total sense. But just because it makes sense…and I NOW get it…doesn’t mean that I, or many of my generation, would have immediately recognized that acronym before reading this thread. It’s as simple as that.

So…go ahead and make fun of me for being an “old fogey” who doesn’t instantly think social media when he sees an unfamiliar acronym, as someone in their 20’s or 30’s almost certainly does. I won’t disagree. But you’re off-base and just plain wrong in your interpretation and criticism here. It’s misplaced in this context. My post was just a stream of consciousness “the times they are a changing” comment by an old, limited social media dude. Nothing more. Well, plus a little nostalgia about “DCTF” from someone who has enjoyed the magazine for several decades.

I’m aware of how some (many?) view my habit of correcting factually incorrect statements here, because we live in a time when holding people accountable for what they state as fact is viewed as “disrespecting” them. I’m OK with that. You’re one of those, and that’s OK as well. I know you for what you are, just as you know me. We’ve danced the dance many times over the years.

But just as I can be - and have been - “wrong” sometimes in the way I approach people in your eyes, so can you be totally wrong in your interpretation of a post you were not involved with. This is one of those times.

I will say to Matt, if he read it as a criticism or “correction”, that’s not what was intended. So, if that was the case, I do apologize…to you.

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Back when you Old Fogeys we’re reading “DCTF” during SWC days, the version we got in Arkansas was “DCAF” — “Dave Campbell’s Arkansas Football.” If we’re making corrections, let’s get that one on the record. Man, as a young guy I could hardly wait for that magazine to come out. Calendar event.

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Speaking of Dave Campbell, while I was in Waco last week I went to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame to see the Southwest Conference Hall of Fame exhibit. If you haven’t been, I’d recommend it.

Inside the Texas Sports HOF is the Dave Campbell Sports Research Library, which includes a replica of Campbell’s office and a wax figure of Campbell sitting at his typewriter. There are some original items from his office inside the library, like a notepad on the desk outlining the 1976 version of his magazine. There are hundreds of books, media guides and magazines in the library about sports in Texas and the SWC.

The SWC Hall of Fame wing has several glass cases devoted to each school. I think I counted seven devoted to Arkansas, with most items donated by the Razorback Foundation and the athletics department. The entry to the SWC wing is designed to look like the exterior to the Cotton Bowl Stadium. Beware, the documentary on the 1969 Big Shootout plays on a loop. There is also an exhibit with old radio calls from the conference.

Here are some photos I took while inside.



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So funny.

Matt, first time I’ve ever seen the Sports Research Library called the Dave Campbell Sports Research Library. Not a criticism…just a fact. :slight_smile:

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