I seem to remember we don’t have a special teams coach but do we not have a defensive coordinator either?

What a dumb post

Yes, dumb post.

This loss isn’t on the defense. Ole Miss can score points. This loss is on the offense for only putting up 6 points in the 2nd half, 0 points in the 4th quarter and against the leagues worst defense.

Sure Ole Miss can score points, but I am not looking for a defense to rank with La Monroe or SIU. I am looking for a defense to compete in the SEC. Ole Miss scored 7 points against Bama and 17 on LSU. Yes our offense was hurt by the loss of Storey and Boyd but when the visiting team drives 97 yards in 42 seconds with the game on the line in the final two minutes, with the QB continually walking through huge holes in the line, I don’t blame that on the offense.

We also had a 3 point failure or 2 in the first half.

You can’t have a defense to compete in the SEC until you have players who can compete in the SEC. I think we are recruiting SECish defenders and have a few already, but outside of that, the only way our defense can compete in the SEC right now on a consistent basis is to put 15 on the field and hope the zebras can’t count.

The defense gave up 611 yards last night, 10th worst in school history. It gave up 181 yards in 17 plays in the final two drives. It deserves some blame. I know college football is changing, but 33 points should still be enough to win a game.