DC situation

Does Chief have a two year contract with one more year remaining ?


Yes. That’s $1.2/5M? that would be in the budget next year maybe? MIght be why the budget’s $5M this year.

Not to mention a likely big settlement with CBB and the 9 million we owe Morris.

We’ll pay former coaches millions.

That paying too many millions for failures needs to stop.
I dare say there’s a hundred people that are members of this board that could have won two games this year, and a bunch of them actually played football in college.

I’m no fan of the big buyouts, but I doubt we’ll pay too large a settlement to Bielema. This board discussed his buyout a few weeks ago. Someone linked his contract. It’s got some provisions that are pretty penal if he fails to honor them. There’s strong evidence he has failed to honor them. I expect we’ll pay him pretty well (by standards most of us on this board would enjoy), but I don’t think it’ll be the huge amount we were hearing a while back.

Morris’s buyout won’t be huge, either. If rumors are correct about him getting looks from Auburn & Clemson to be OC, there’ll be significant mitigation of damages payable to him.

Bottom line: we’re likely not as financially exposed as many of us fear.

Good news. I respect your opinions on contracts.