DC hire... from where and when?

I have seen several posts stating opinions and theories about our next DC coming from a school currently involved in preparation for a bowl game.
Any thoughts on what school that might be, and when they play their bowl game?

I think we are gonna hire a pupil of the teacher…the best assistant that knows the system at one of the top programs…Just a guess…if you can’t get BV then hire his top man at a reduced rate and let’s get going.

The two names who we have reported as being candidates for the job are John Chavis and Alex Grinch. There probably are others whose names have not yet surfaced.

I’m told Chad Morris is going back to Dallas for a week after the signing period ends to enjoy the holiday with his family. Because of that, I don’t think a coordinator will be hired until sometime closer to New Year’s Day, if not afterward.

Matt your probably right. Who ever Coach Morris is targeting is involved in bowl prep. Putting it after the New Year’s Day. If New Year’s Day passes with no announcement and all bowls are over but the playoff then it could really get interesting.
I do want an aggressive defensive coordinantor. No more bend don’t break junk defense.

Yes, I don’t think this is going to happen for another 10 days. He may have his top two or three in his mind, but I don’t think he’s made the hire. The candidates are all in bowl prep.

Thanks for the replies!
I guess I’ll have to temper my anticipation and excitement for at least another 10 days. If then!