DBU bus driver

Dallas Baptist is without a key member this weekend - its bus driver with a last name familiar to Razorback fans.
J.B. Morris has served as the Patriots’ long-distance bus driver for many years, but was unable to make the trip to Fayetteville this week because of a prior commitment. Morris is the father of Arkansas head football coach Chad Morris.
“J.B. is a great friend of ours,” DBU head coach Dan Heefner said. “We’ve had him for a long, long time, so we’ve always talked about Chad, who we’re really excited for. J.B. is the best. He’s a really good guy.”
J.B. Morris is a retired fireman who began driving the bus as a hobby, said Wes Johnson, Arkansas’ pitching coach who served in the same capacity at DBU from 2012-15.
“He’s very sports knowledgable,” Johnson said. “Dan Heefner is not much into football, and I am, so J.B. and I would talk football on those bus trips all the time. He’s a very solid human being; just good people, salt of the earth.”