Are tied at 2 in the middle of the 3rd. I don’t think I care who wins, but I think a tight, rather high scoring game helps us. I’d like to put stress on their pitchers & have both teams use several up.

If USM wins, I wouldn’t be surprised to seen Sanders at some point tonight (unless they need him to save the game this afternoon & it takes him over 20 pitchers to do it.).

oh no doubt USM wins they will throw Sandlin…why I want DBU to win

Sandlin threw 102 pitches Friday night. I don’t think there is any way he throws again today.

Somehow I knew “Sanders” didn’t sound right.

Well, you’re probably right. I’d just as soon not see him—unless he is totally gassed.

Regardless of who starts for them, I’d like to jump out again like we did last night.

I wouldn’t be surprised but you probably right.

If the Fayetteville kid doesn’t quit giving up solo homers, we won’t have to worry about seeing Sandlin.