DB Korey Hernandez has signed

Financial aid agreement with Arkansas. He’ll be enrolling in Jan.

Great news! So, is Wagner the only other one that we are waiting to sign? Or could there be others?

Wagner signed on Wednesday

So nice to see you post here, I hope you post often… All my best to you and your Family for the Holidays! Hope you guys enjoy your trip to NC!

Yeah, I thought he was suppose to but I guess I missed the confromation that he did. Thanks!

I like this kid a lot. And for everyone worried about the defensive recruiting this year (I’m one of them), I’ll wager that the 3 “Athletes” we have committed all wind up on defense. Two are dual QBs. They won’t play that here unless they’re like unbelievably good. All your safeties should be former QBs. And I’m thinking Montaric starts at corner opposite Pulley. We should also remember that we’ve got LBs on campus. We did a good job there last year. The starting 4 in a 3 would be like Greenlaw, Harris, LaFrance and maybe Josh at SLB. We got options there. I’m really excited about the prospect of Scoota and LaFrance in the middle. We need D-line. that’s a fact but again we got numbers and going to a 3/4 reduces the number that you have to have on hand.

The ‘athletes’ are being recruited to play WR. Montaric brown is a safety and will not be playing corner opposite of pulley, he also needs to bulk up quite a bit before being ready to play. Great young player though.

I’ve said elsewhere but I really like the speed of the DBs and WRs in this class.