Daytrieon Dean will transfer … -arkansas/


My guess is he saw the writing on the wall, that he wasn’t going to play much here.

You know…you would think we are Bama with the number of players we have the past few years who transfer due to not thinking they are going to have playing time

The facts are we are a 7-6 team…still trying to find its identity…one would think the field is wide open for competition

Players are at practice everyday and most have a good idea of the competition they have for playing time at their position and whether they have a decent shot at changing their spot on the depth chart.

Has nothing to do with the talent level of an opponent.

Sounds like a great young man that wants to play. He gave it his best shot here and decided it was time to move on.

I wish him well.

Why? With change to 3-4 he’s undersized for DL. He’s never shown any sign, that I’m aware of, of getting anywhere near playing time.

I have not seen him make an impact in any of the practices I’ve seen. He’s not on the radar at Arkansas. This was a smart move for him. … -arkansas/

“Daytrieon’s hard work and dedication is what we look for in future Razorbacks.” said Bielema. “We’re excited to welcome him to the Razorback family and have him join us next spring to maximize his potential. Daytrieon jones Ty Storey and Zach Rogers as the start of a very special 2015 signing class. He continues to display the core values of what our program is built upon academically, athletically and socially.”

Any idea what happened? CBB seemed high on him.

That’s hard to say. You see lots of young players who stop developing after 18. He looked the part, but didn’t play like he looked. He was a little light, but adding pounds and keeping performance didn’t seem to work. We always just assume that players are going to make natural growth and with pounds doesn’t effect performance (speed). Sometimes it doesn’t work. I recall talking to John McDonnell. Adding pounds always scared him. He saw many track guys come into football and when they added that 15 pounds that was needed to play in the SEC and stay healthy, they didn’t have the same speed and quickness. Did that happen with Dean? Not sure. But he never looked like something you could thought had ability to beat opponents one-on-one.

The talent infusion by Bielema is different in that the bottom 1/3 of each signing class has been solid 3 stars. HDN and BP took way too many chances on the bottom 1/3 of each signing class. Our depth has become better under CBB because of the higher quality players at the bottom of each signing class.

Hog Treat, I’m not arguing, and I hope you are right. Time will tell.

Do you think BB would have recruited Jake Bequette? He passed on Jim Mabry’s nephew who is now committed to ND.

In fairness, he has high praise for every signee each winter. The reality is that around 10 or more from each signing class will transfer for various reasons.

Jake Bequette looked like a very good prospect to me coming out of high school. He could run and he had great length. I think that was a no brainer.

Hey Southpaw I feel very strongly about difference in the bottom 1/3 of each class because I have watched recruiting closely over the years. I need time to find a site that has the signing class for each year to show you what I remember seeing HDN , BP and CBB sign. Maybe Richard Davenport can speak to it with authority?

I’m not sure about Bequette but I would assume so.

Who are the bottom 1/3 players from each CBB class who are providing the quality depth?