Day II Vegas updates

The No. 1 ranked 16-under Woodz Elite defeated Proskills Elite in an 8 am game 79-78 with Mike Anderson and Melvin Watkins hand.

Chris Moore had 22 points and double digit rebounds. He just plays so hard. Love that kid.

PG Davonte Davis had 12 along with the winning FT with .2 seconds left.

C Nick Ongenda had 13 had several blocks.

Chris said it’s looking good for Arkansas with him, Davis and Ongenda.

Watkins is watching 2020 offer Gerald Doakes right now. Doakes is playing for We Can All Go.

As of now, if all goes well I should see 110-12 games today and about 12-14 prospects. Updates coming throughout the day.

I hope your right with all 3 young men. I like reading about clutch free throw shooting to win ball games.

Love Chris Moore’s game…must have recruit in my eyes. Who would compare him to? Alandise Harris as a undersized PF?

I’m watching 17-U Team Thad at the Under Armour Finals as is TJ Cleveland. Hogs really like 2019 SG Jaykwon Walton and 2020 SG Matthew Murrell.

Gerald Doakes scores 13 as his team won 70-64. Melvin Watkins left late in the game to get to another contest.

Doakes, said Ohio State, Louisville, Auburn and Stanford are starting to show interest. He said he plans to visit Arkansas soon. Looks like Louisville will also get a visit.

2019 SG Jaykwon Walton said he’s open to all schools. He’s talking to Thurman and feels honored to do so because he respects him as a player. He has 20plus offers including Arkansas. I caught him after a loss so he wasn’t the most talkative.

2020 SG Matthew Murrell is talking to TJ Cleveland and likes the vibe with him. He has offers from Florida, Memphis, Ole Miss, Iowa State and others. He likes Arkansas’ up and down style offensively.

He said Arkansas just recently reached out to him.

2019 forward Victor Iwuakor said he’s looking to make an OV to Arkansas sometime after Vegas. Baylor, Texas Tech, LSU and OU are some of the others he’s looking to visit. He said he would call Arkansas his home school because of his host parents attending school there. Honored to have an offer from the Hogs.

He plans to put out a top five after Vegas.

This thread is full of great news.

So Moore is saying we lead for him, Davis and Ongenda? Wow.

Man I’m not sure how we figure out spots for the 2020 but that sure is a nice problem to have.

I know you work hard RD, but 110 games in one day is a lot even for you!

I wouldn’t say that. Just they’re in good shape

Chris Moore was offered by Florida after Peach Jam. New Interest from Miami, Virginia, Texas A&M, & UNC.

He will visit Iowa State in August and Arkansas in the fall.

Fwiw, if these post look a little sloppy it’s because I’m doing most of the updates from my phone while at games. I’m at my 6th game I believe.

Where do you find the energy?

Is there a player Florida hasn’t offered. Florida offers maybet are computer generated that uses a recruiting database and spits out offers based on ratings, LOL.

2019 forward CJ Walker still saying he’s considering an Arkansas visit. He said the schools that stay in contact with him the most are the schools he’s interested in.

He plans to narrow his list soon after Vegas. I expect Arkansas to make that cut. Coach Anderson saw his latest game this afternoon.

He hit the door and stayed down for awhile after getting a knee to the thigh. He’ll be sore tomorrow.

Moses Moody is in a boot and isn’t playing in Vegas. Year round ball can take a toll.

They just offered Iwukdor as well!

2019 PF Dericko Williams, 6-8, 215 of CP3 said he’s looking to make an official visit in the near future. He said he and Thurman talk almost on a daily basis.

He has 14 offers from schools like Arkansas, South Carolina, Nebraska, Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Louisville, Wake Forest and others. He’s a guy that plays hard and with a lot of intensity.

2019 BJ Mack, 6-8,250 of CP3 is a new big man that’s on Arkansas’ radar. He has 13 offers from the likes of Virginia Tech, Georgia, OleMiss and others. He’s also talking toThurman and sounds very interested. He doesn’t have an Arkansas offer, but they sound like they would be a player for him if they did.

Thurman and Watkins attended their game tonight.

You forgot something. IT IS HOT!!!

Also on Wednesday, don’t know if you noticed but, me and my wife were taking in some sites. I noticed a lot of parents and kids with team t-shirts and Razorback gear. I mentioned to my wife, everyone in AR must’ve came to Vegas to see Bruno (why we were there, our anniversary and to watch Bruno, if you haven’t seen him I’d encourage you to go). I don’t know how many were connected to the tournament, but there were a lot of hogs on display.