Day II of DFW travels

2020 WR DJ Graham of Keller Central said Arkansas is one of his top schools because of Morris and the staff reaching out to him. He visited Arkansas in the summer of 2017 and loved it. The mountains and beauty of NWA blew him away. He’s looking to visit again this fall.

Keller Central Coach Bart Helsley has two sons that work within Razorback equipment and he said they both love it. The principal at the school has a kid that also attends Arkansas.

As noted in the tweet, he’s the best dressed recruit I’ve seen. He said he gets that from his dad. Very impressive kid.

2020 WR-return man Money Parks of All Saints Episcopal in Ft. Worth visited Arkansas in Feb. He too likes the staff and how they stay in touch. His parents are big on academics and he toured the campus and inquired on the academic side of things in Feb.

He’s planning to attend a home game soon. His first name is Monterren, but he said his dad started calling him money at a very early age and that’s what he goes by now.

Headed to Mansfield Legacy to see Carter, Catalon and Jackson.

Someone here thought Enoch Jackson was planning to take other visits, but that’s news to him. He’s solid and looking forward to next week’s OV with Taurean Carter and Jalen Catalon. He’s doing his part to recruit them to the Hill.

Carter still plans to announce his decision on Oct. 24 and he said it’s down to Arkansas, Michigan State and Wisconsin. He said Jackson is constantly saying Woo Pig Sooie.

Catalon said he has great relationships with his four finalists and his Jan. decision will be tough. Looking forward to experiencing the game atmosphere for the Bama game during his OV next weekend.

We probably have a great chance to land carter now. I thought it was really between us and Texas.

Carter has been committed to the staff for over a month. Hopefully that’s enough to convince Catalon to come as well.

RD, I read on an OU board that they are trying hard to get him to cancel his official vist with Arkansas and go to the Texas-OU game. He didn’t act like he might possibly miss the OV with Arkansas did he?

So Carter has been committed to the staff, but has not publicly committed?

Correct. On another note not related to Carter. I’m hearing we are going to get to some really good news Monday. I know RD cant comment, but just wondering how many stories he has written up :slight_smile:

I’ve heard good news about Monday as well.

Trey Knox?

Trey Knox will announce. Have felt good about him for awhile. Obviously things can change from now to Monday.

Emmit Gooden says woo pig.

Yep, and he wanted the current staff to offer, but they never did.

definitely a regret at the immediate time and probably an out and out mistake, Coach Morris has not impressed me with his definitiveness, see QB handling of this year.